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I handle all these related matters: Drug DUI, Marijuana, Commercial Drivers License, Commercial Driver DUI, Traffic Accidents and Death, Attempt Murder, Bench & Arrest Warrants, Child Abuse / Endangerment, Domestic Violence DV, Drug Offense, Drivers License & Traffic Cases, Driving on Suspended, Driving under the influence or DUI, Driving while intoxicated or DWI, Drunk Driving or drunken driving, 23152 - 23153, California Vehicle Code, 191.5, 192 & 192.5 Penal Code of California, .08% BAC or above, CA DMV Hearings, 14601 - 14602, Lack of Consciousness, Elderly License Issues & Hearings, Embezzlement, Expungements, Felonies, Grand Theft, Hit & Run, Internet Crime, Misdemeanors, Prostitution / Solicitation, Rape / Statutory Rape, DWI Lawyer, DWI Attorney, Shoplifting / Petty Theft, Three Strikes, Traffic Violations.

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